Giuseppe Viner – ‘Il Sole’ triptych, 1902

Guiseppe Viner

'Il Sole' triptych, 1902

Painted and carved oak, silvered copper
h. 67 in. (170 cm) - w. 145 2/3 in. (370 cm) - w. 22 in. (56 cm)
Signed 'Giuseppe Viner' and dated '1902'

PROVENANCE : Presumably made for the artist’s own use in Tuscany - (...) - Tuscan private collection, 1980’s - Collection of Alessandro Pron, Paris, early 2000’s - French art market - European private collection until 2022.

EXHIBITED : This piece was first shown, and most likely made for the Prima Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte Decorativa Moderna in Turin, 1902.

SIMILAR PIECES : This triptych is a unique piece and certainly the most extraordinary and avant-garde piece ever made by Giuseppe Viner. It predates the earliest recorded divisionist paintings by several years.

NOTE : This piece was made shortly after Giuseppe Viner maried the Sienese painter Luisa Bufalini and moved to an old tower in the small village of Lucignano Val d’Arbia near Siena. The landscape depicted is a futuristic interpretation of his view of the Tuscan countryside at sunset, looking west towards the Mediterranean sea and the bay of Piombino.

COLLECTION : Dallas Museum of Art